1. Bill Dodds

    I remember that story. I remember watching the tournament. I remember being so impressed that sitting on a narrow lead Aaron gets up early that Sunday morning to fill his commitment. Many people might have felt well maybe I can’t get up this early since my tee time is later that I have to focus on winning a golf tournament. To me Aaron getting up early to be at the sunrise service and give his testimony showed that Aaron knew what was really important.
    Thank you for this message Aaron . We are huge Aaron fans because of the way he conducts his Christian life.

    • Hank Shackelford

      I believe that my good friend in Christ, Marty Jacobus, arranged for Aaron to speak that morning. Marty had left his senior position with a major corporation to follow God’s direction to work in the FCA and he became friends with Adam and his wife.

      Marty continues to serve the Lord to this day.

      May God Bless him and his family and his service as well as Aaron and his family.

      Happy Easter.


  2. Chris Hancock

    What a great role model for all junior golfers to follow. Blessings to Aaron and his family.

  3. Sandy

    Wow!!! That was awesome!!! Thank you Lord for making a way for us to spend eternity in heaven.


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