1. steve barnhardt

    Thanks Josh. Looking forward to seeing you out on the links again soon.
    Stay Safe

    • Scott Matthews

      Karen and Scott Matthews really respected your testimony of faith. We appreciate what you are doing, and wish you well. Karen’s cancer appears to be in remission, and we follow your career with intense interest. Best of life in these truly uncertain times!

  2. Ken Mayo

    Hey Josh, just now became aware of this video. Great words, and like those scuffed up golf balls you used to like to play with when I first met you, to which you would say they “have character,” you too are a man of character and faith. As in the case of this virus and other life challenges, and the saying goes, “adversity builds character.” Keep playing the game with those scuffed up golf balls knowing that verse in Deuteronomy 31 is very true.


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